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Mohammed Bechari

Secretary General
The World Muslim Communities Council

Dr. Mohammed Bechari is a prominent Muslim figure in Europe as well as in the Islamic world. He is a French National, born in Oujda Morocco in 1967.
• Dr. Bechari is currently posted as the Secretary General of the World Muslim Communities Council (WMCC) based in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
• Dean of Avicenna Institute of Humanities, Lille, France.
• Secretary General of the European Islamic Conference.
• President of the General Federation of France Muslims
• Vice-president of the French Council of Islamic Faith (2003-2006)
• Vice-president of the French Islamic Waqf Organization
• Board member of the Form for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
• Member of the International Islamic Fiqh Academy, Jeddah, KSA.
• Member of the Royal Al AlBayt Islamic Thought Foundation, Jordan.
• Member of the Higher Council of the Secretariat General of the World Fatwa Authorities, Egypt.
• Member of the Joint Da’wah Islamic Work Coordination team within the Organization of the Islamic Conference, KSA.
• Former Islamic Affairs and Arab-European Relations Advisor to the European Parliament.
• Member of the OIC Task Force in charge of the issues and subjects of the 10-year executive plan

• Member of the Consultative Council of King Abdullah bin AbdulAziz International Center for Interfaith and Intercultural Dialogue (KAICIID), Austria.
• Member of the European Faith Leaders Council, Norway.
• Member of the Islamic Affairs Supreme Council, Egypt.
• Member of the Administration Board of the Islamic Organizations League, Egypt.
• Member of the ISESCO’s Supreme Board of Islamic Culture in the West, Morocco.
• Former Arab-European Relations Advisor to the Arab Parliament, Egypt.
• Member of the International Dialogue Forum, Jeddah. KSA.
• Columnist at Al-Ittihad newspaper, Abu Dhabi, UAE.